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Free creation – ART MAWU 2014

- pottery plastic art „Madonna and jewels of her soul“ - decorated with metal, natural stones and minerals

madonnas, goddesses, queens, princesses, girls, abbesses – in which you can find the archetype of a virgin, a woman and a wise mother. They are emotionally inspired by the Madonna - Virgin Mary and her virtues,  unconditional acceptance of everything, leading the way to the mystery of happy life.

- usable and decorative candlesticks

Ceramic studio of Jarmila Tyrnerová in Kohoutov - intensive weekly courses - Stavba z plátu, Second ceramic pottery, modelling

Basics of art therapy, Moje vzdělávání in Frýdek Místek

Study at Lidová konzervatoř in Ostrava – subject ceramics

Study at Lidová konzervatoř in Ostrava – subject piano

Study at VŠB Ostrava - faculty of metallurgy

The year 2003 and the event connected with the birth of my daughter Lada started a time of continual inner changes that were freely incorporated into my life.

The need to express myself....

Through the body and its ailments I slowly walked the path of learning and realizing my own feelings, thoughts, words and actions. Through this long road of maturing, that is of course never ending, I started to create, play with life, notice the inspiration that started to talk to me. Lead by the need to express my feelings, perceptiveness, connection and empathy, I found the malleable clay in my hands, that can capture time and space and is becoming my intermediary.

Creation of madonnas ART MAWU 2014

It is connecting the earthly aspect with the womanly aspect. Madonnas support the woman part in us. Regular arrangement of particles of the clay about its center allows to connect to the feeling of equillibrium, that is to connect to the place of inner center from which the spiral of our life is woven. Our emotional, mental and spiritual stability is derived from the ability to stay in one's center. There dozes the contentment of human soul. Pottery plastics contain a special essence of this balance connected with the spirit that makes the sculptures alive and moves you closer to understanding your nature and life path.

Messages of madonnas ART MAWU 2014

ART MAWU 2014 madonnas speak through their content to our heart and remind it archetype figures from human lives that were distinguished by their virtues, like nobility, wisdom, acceptance, truthfulness, good-heartedness, humbleness, believe in clean conscience and cognition. We perceive images of these archetypes and relationships to them even today, perhaps subconsciously. They are reminded to us in fairytails.

I trust that by looking at the pottery plastic of madonna, every one of you will remember the special taste of essence of balance created just for you.

The resulting artistic impression of madonnas is dedicated to my mother Jana and all women and mothers that can transform pain and hurts into compassion and forgiveness.


Yours truly, Dana Skokanová

© ART MAWU 2014