How to find your Madonna?

  • let your feelings guide you
  • choose intuitively
  • madonna that interests you is for you and your interior
  • she can resemble your pleasant memories from the past
  • madonna brings you an archetype of a girl, a woman, a mother, that you're attracted to (that goes for both women and men)
  • find your attributes and your life journey in her expression
  • you can let yourself be guided by her characteristics from "Messages of Madonnas"
  • if you're connected, madonna characteristics are assigned to a calendar month and every month has information for two astrological signs
  • you can preview a madonna in virtual vernissage with intuitive music composed just for the madonnas
  • if you fail to choose but are interested, look for new plastics, perhaps it has not been made for you yet (you can subscribe to newsletter)
  • if you're restricted by the delivery time and would want to have it sooner, contact me

Searching for a present?

  • choose by madonna's attributes and her character
  • you can use a gift card and the recipient can choose for himself
  • I can create a madonna after an agreement with you

Recommendations for next selection

  • you can select a candlestick along with a madonna
  • pick a tailored gift card that has a photo of madonna, her message or a poem from "Jarní rozpuk" collection

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