Interior with Madonna

  • it's good to place her somewhere where you often are and thus can be in contact with her
  • she is designed to be placed at a working table, a bedroom table or a dresser, so that she can share the space with you and you can watch and discover her depth
  • madonnas (even as a collection) can be placed to your business premisses - e.g. a hotel reception, a restaurant, a wine shop, a dressing or a hairdressing salon. Madonna can make your customer's visit more pleasant.
  • stylish earthly material, natural stones together with madonna's gracefulness are enriching the space in which it is placed
  • a good illumination will make the jewels and stones gleam, making her more remarkable
  • she radiates satisfying vibrations accepting womanly energy
  • every madonna is an original, no two are the same

Maintenance and cleaning

  • dust by a shower of the whole plastic with tepid water
  • dry carefully
  • once in a while you can put her outside on sunshine or moonshine, depending on used stones and the way they recharge
  • showering the plastic and recharging natural stones will revive her expression and energy

Curiosities from production

  • she's made from ceramic clay - slight fireclay, burned at temperature of 1080 °C
  • decorated with artistic glaze and metal oxids
  • designed for interior placement
  • she can take temperatures even below the freezing point, although the air must be dry
  • jewels are made by soft soldering using lead-free tin and are treated with an antioxidizing agent or a patina
  • natural stones and minerals are incorporated into jewels so that they have their space and freedom. The stones have their bravais lattice with memory that I honor.
  • I use river pearls and sometimes manually reeled pearls and glass
  • a plastic weights 1.7 - 2.7 kg and is up to 30 cm high

Made by – Authorial ceramic workshop ART MAWU 2014, Ing. Dana Skokanová, Velká Polom

© ART MAWU 2014