Madonna and jewels of her soul

(intuitive creation)

Ceramic pottery decorated with healing stones and minerals.


  • Suitable for interial as artistic artifact.
  • Her presence influences your soul.
  • Everyone can find madonna in himself by accepting and revering one's inner beauty, harmony and happiness.
  • She is a patron of human virtues, such as humbleness, wisdom, compassion and unconditional love.
  • Ceramics emphasizes physical side of life. Healing stones and minerals with colors of energetic centers are opening connection to the spiritual plane and maturing.
  • Madonna supports transformation and realization processes, she elevates the energetic field of space.
  • We're learning to accept oneness in her presence.

Find your own madonna of inner beauty and wisdom.
Ceramic plastic will be your guide.


Manufacture and sale:

ART MAWU 2014 - authorial ceramic workshop
Ing. Dana Skokanová

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